Thursday, July 26, 2007

let's go jumpin!!

so wichita has this completely awesome place called pump it up that's bascially a giant wonderland of blow up fun for kids. it's for kids 2-6 and it's a big room with a bunch of blow up moon walks. one has a bunch of kick balls in it. another is a big obstacle course and there's a gigantic slide. mom and i got to take dakota there on tuesday morning before i had to leave. we got there right when they opened and for the first 15 minutes or so we were the only ones there which was awesome, and let dakota warm up to all the huge blow up thingys. he loved it, although it took him a little while to warm up and he hated the big slide. i think they need a place like this for adults. what a great idea! afterwards we went out to adam and aaron's job site in valley center. it had been raining, so they were caked in mud, but it was cool to see where they're working now. dakota is always so interested in what daddy and uncle aaron are doing. he know all his tools and when they have a boys night out, they go to home depot. dakota thinks it's the greatest thing ever. they go around looking at all the tools and he names them all. he's a little builder in the making.

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