Monday, November 24, 2008

keeping score

for those of you who don't know, my little brother aaron and i have been having a unofficial contest this year. basically we're trying to see who can go to the hospital more times for the most strange injuries. i think i'm winning for strange-ness. hello 2 inch splinter in my foot! although, adam did drop a hammer on aaron's head from about 20 feet up. hmmm. you decide.

here's the official run down.

first, i had the infamous spliter incident. score one for the home team! anna:1 aaron:0

then, while mom and dad were here for spring break, adam had to take aaron to the emergency clinic because he was really sick and having some trouble breathing. for aaron that's kind of a big deal considering he has a history of his lung randomly collapsing. another story for another day. anna:1 aaron:1

then i decided to slice my finger open helping justin. another trip to the ER and 5 more stitches for anna. anna:2 aaron:1

next, aaron had a slight work accident. adam dropped his hammer while working on the roof trusses. too bad he didn't realize aaron was standing right under him. trip to the ER and a few staples to the head for aaron. anna:2 aaron:2

my turn again. aaron might not count this, but i sure do! i got poison ivy all over my entire body! two trips to the doctor and two steroid treatments later i no longer look like a swamp monster. anna:3 aaron:2

well, aaron decided i couldn't win so he didn't get out of the way fast enough at work and a huge, really heavy, pile of wood fell on his leg. or something. anyway, mom had to take him to the ER this weekend. they checked for broken bones (nope!) and blood clots (nope!) and cleared him. anna:3 aaron:3

i say we should just call it a draw. what do you think?


Jaime said...

Wow, you guys are crazy! That looks horrible, so my vote goes to count it! :) (sorry!)

Amy said...

Please tell me this isn't a contest that will go into 2009. :)

Patrick said...

Is this blog post the definition of a dysfunctional family? Thanks for sharing!

californiameaghan said...

i saw something on your mom's facebook page... her status maybe... that left me wondering what aaron did this time. sheesh. you kids need to start wearing bubble wrap or something.

Ashley said...

if your brother's ankle still hurts or he has pain with weight bearing he needs to get some stress views of his ankle to check for instability of the ligament that hold the shin bone and fibula together.