Monday, August 11, 2008

pools and a party...

...but not a pool party

monday morning we got up early-well early for us, but not for mom and dad. i took the day off and we went hiking at fall creek falls. we had so much fun! the hike itself was cool, but not really spectacular. we decided to hike the 3/4 mile trail out to the falls and then back. we did that-the falls weren't too impressive, unfortunately. we had a bite to eat and then we headed off to go swimming! we starting point of the hike is an area called the cascades. it's a bunch of smaller falls and pools where people can swim. well the last time justin and i were there, some people told us to hike down to this other larger pool because that was the best place to swim and not many people went down there. well now i know why! it's called a "cable trail" for a reason. the trail is REALLY steep and rocky and they have strung a large suspension cable down the trail so you can hold on and not fall to your death. it was actually pretty fun to hike down, if not a little precarious trying to get riley down. she did really well for the most part. going up was easier for her than going down. she's like a little mountain goat! we got to the base of the large pool and the water was freeeeeezing! it took a while to get used to, but once we did, it felt great! we commandeered some large logs to help float us to the other side of the pool to where the water fall was. it was so cool! there was a large rock you could jump off of into really deep water. we had to do that a few times. :) great ending to a hot day.

that night we had a big cookout/bbq for my birthday. we had a lot of fun, even if it was kind of hot out on the back porch. we had hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken on the grill. oh so yummy. thanks to everyone who came to help me celebrate my quarter of a century mark!

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