Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i heart the olympics

i forgot how much i love the olympics. it's been so fun to watch all the athletes compete. the opening ceremonies were amazing!! holy cow drummers and box dudes. i've been trying to stay up late and watch my favorite-indoor volleyball. sometimes i make it, sometimes i don't. i have never wanted a DVR more in my life than these few days. i wish i could watch them all.

it's been so fun to watch the swimming races and see michael phelps dominate the pool. also, did anyone else see the 4x100 men's freestyle relay?! talk about close. i cannot believe we won. eat that france! as one of my friends said while watching the french at the end of the race, "get out of the pool! you're contaminating it with your failure!"

i watched my first handball game the other day. awesome! i love all the random sports, like synchronized diving! the chinese pair may as well be the same person they look so alike. exact same body, same hair cut and very similar faces.
anyway, the olympics rock.

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