Wednesday, February 9, 2011

quick trip

feb 3
I found this bone for Riley at Walgreen's for only $2! She was so in love with it, she growled at Justin when he tried to take it away. Big mistake! She got in big trouble.

feb 4
I was in the den making birthday cards and Riley wanted me to pay attention to her and not my paper, so she crawled into my lap. Silly girl!

feb 5
Saturday our small group from church volunteered to do some painting at a local middle school. Afterward we had a chili dinner at our house. This little guy wanted to help me cook.

feb 6
Justin's great Grandma passed away on Wednesday at 91 years of age. She was ready to go and we're happy she's not in pain anymore. We drove to Topeka on Sunday and made it in time to hit up Justin's favorite restaurant there. I was pretty much totally grossed out, but the things we do for love-right?

feb 7
After the service on Monday we headed back to Nashville. We were in the car for longer than we were actually there which made for a very long trip, but it was good to see extended family that we hadn't seen for a long time! This is Grandpa Carson with all his grandkids minus one.

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californiameaghan said...

taco casa is kris's favorite place to eat. everytime we go to kansas she tells us to eat there. ugh. :)