Wednesday, February 16, 2011

catch up

Feb 8:
I finally finished the pillow sham to go with the bed spread. Now if I could only find the motivation to finish the other one.

Feb 9:
The drive home from HELL! I left work at 4:00 and didn't get home til the time on the microwave. (It usually takes 30-40 minutes depending on how congested the highway is.) It snowed about 3 inches in an hour or so. It was really cold so it immediately stuck to the roads. Cue all of Nashville to completely lose their minds and all decide to leave work at the same time. The streets were a little slick, but nothing to freak out about. There are 13,000 people who work at Vanderbilt and I'm convinced they all left work at the same time. It literally took me an hour to go less than half a mile. I was beyond frustrated to say the least.

Feb 10:
They have snacks in the break room at work. Today I had fun playing Cheez-it scrabble with myself. Yes, I'm a huge nerd.

Feb 11:
Justin got back from a short run to California Friday. He took this picture of the sunset from up in the air. Did you know that Southwest paints their planes blue, red and yellow to mimic the sunset? Ya learn somethin new every day!

Feb 12:
I'm on a committee at work that hosts parties and plans luncheons and things. I'm in charge of our Valentine's Day party, so I started making sugar cookies today. We'll see if I have time to decorate them as complicated as I usually do. My guess is no.

Feb 13:
I think they turned out well.

Feb 14:
I was so surprised to see these waiting for me when I got back from lunch on Valentine's Day. Justin very rarely gets me flowers and never on V-Day. The card says, "bet you thought this would never happen..." Perfect! I love them-and him.

Feb 15:
I was so productive over my lunch break today. I filled up with gas. Refilled my empty windshield washer fluid and washed the car. Doesn't Pete look so shiny and clean?

Feb 16:
Today I was out running errands with one of the best co-pilots around.

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Melanie-Pearl said...

I like these photo posts, Anna. They are random and charming and speak about who you are everyday---and then they add up to say quite a lot about your beautiful countenance overall. Thanks for sharing!