Thursday, October 22, 2009

the rest of the story

well you've already seen pictures of the beautiful maggie pauline. but now for the rest of the story...

we had one of the most whirlwind trips to kansas i think we've ever had. we touched down in KC around 6:30, rented a car and drove into wichita. we were hoping to see maggie that night, but 10:45 was a little late for her and adam and abbe. we got up the next day and got to play with dakota and creyton for a while. those boys are hilarious. here's creyton and me having a little too much fun with balloons! :)

we headed to the hospital in the morning with nana, gigi and grandpa. we got to stay and snuggle with maggie and catch up with adam and abbe for quite a while. the evening we all trooped over to their house for dinner after everyone was released from the hospital.

sunday we made our way to manhattan to see terri, jesse and josh and to meet the precious tucker duell. josh had to work, so we ate at chili's to experience his world famous service. the service was great, the food? not so much. (more on that later.) we got to see ben and kristin for a while and catch up with them. tucker looks just like big sis!we headed on to KC that evening to stay the night with kirk and marisa before catching an early flight monday morning. unfortunately on the way there we have to stop a few times for me to use the bathroom. i spent the whole night in kirk and marisa's bathroom. not fun. let's just say i hope to never experience liquid coming out both ends of my body at the same time ever again. yuck! when we finally got home monday, i called in sick and justin took good care of me while i bummed on the couch. it was a great trip, even if it didn't end as planned.

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