Monday, October 26, 2009

pumpkin carving etc

Justin had a busy week this week/end. He left Wednesday morning and hit Phoenix, San Jose, Orange County, and Phoenix again before getting home Sunday night. Lucky for him, he got to catch up with some great old friends. Sadly, he leaves again tomorrow morning. I'm ready for all this traveling to be over.

I started my weekend off by dropping my phone in the toilet. Fabulous! (And to all you sickos wondering, there was nothing in the toilet when I dropped it.) Luckily after towel drying and blow drying it seems to be working fine. Ask me again in a couple weeks. Saturday I went to the farmer's market and got my pumpkins and also the flea market with Alison and Susie Beth. So much fun! I found almost everything I wanted! Woohoo!

coffee table: $15
old lantern: $15
2 picture frames: $5

Last night we had our pumpkin carving party. Sadly, Justin was only there for the last half. We had a great time and I'm always amazed at the designs people come up with. Check us out!


AnneR said...

Too cool - like I wrote on FB, please let me come next year! I can't wait to see what you and Justin are going to be for Halloween this year!

**As someone who has dropped her phone in the toilet (and no, I don't think it was clean) and then handed it to her friend who was standing outside, no, the phone was never the same. We ran over it and then I got a new one - but that was years ago. Come to think of it, the friend was never the same either . . .

Justin's mom said...

Those are all so really cool!