Friday, August 14, 2009

the dale saga

well, last wednesday, the 5th, my birthday (another post) justin's bleeding heart caused him to take in a stray dog. i almost hit this dog on my way to work that morning and when he showed up on our porch, justin fed him and then he wouldn't leave. this mangy basset hound was probably the grossest dog i'd seen in a while. poor guy had the worst case of fleas i've ever seen and his ribs were showing and his eye was all gunky-lovely. anyway, even though we were throwing the first party in our new house that night, justin decided we needed to care for this guy so we could find him a good home. justin called all around and found out he did have owners and was neutered and up to date on shots. we were not about to give him back to people who would mistreat him so badly. so, we gave him 2 flea baths, a capstar pill (to kill fleas) and some frontline (to repel them in the future) and took him to get his stitches out from being neutered. (he was 2 weeks overdue to have them out.) he cleaned up pretty good and we were hoping he would capture one of our unsuspecting friends' hearts and they would take him home. no one bit.

well, justin sent out an email hoping to find him a home. (oh, by the way, justin decided to call him dale. i wanted belvidere, but dale won out.) we had a few people answer that they wanted him and before we could work out the details, justin left to go out of town. friday, dear dale decided he had enough of paradise (clean fur, no itching, food, water and a warm, dry place to sleep) and busted out. he somehow pushed open the porch gate and moved a cinder block in front of a hole in the fence and escaped. oh well, i thought, it's not like he's our dog and hopefully someone else will find him and love him.

fast forward to this last wednesday, the 12th. justin was still out of town and he texted me that i needed to call bob spencer because this man had dale. what?! so i did. bob had dale and was hoping we could take him back and find him a home. i drove a few streets over to where bob lives and picked dale up. apparently, bob uses the same vet we had taken dale to and when he stopped in to see if they had heard anything about a lost dog, they gave him our number. so random. so now he's back and we're looking for a good home for a very floppy basset. any takers?


Laura said...

That was so nice of you to take care of the dog! I enjoyed this post a lot!
Still waiting for Justin to blog about his experience with Tim. :)

californiameaghan said...

ask jeremy. he looooves bassett hounds.

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh. He is soooo cute. I WISH!!!!