Monday, July 6, 2009

locked out

i survived my first (and second and third) night in the house alone. i was going to have rana stay with me, but i was so tired, i just wanted to stretch out in the bed alone. in hindsight, it might have been a good idea. riley woke me up on saturday morning needing to go out. i went out on the back deck and sat in one of our deck chairs to enjoy the early morning. when i went to go back inside i realized i had shut the door all the way behind me (which you can't do because the previous owner's child lock had screwed up the door and if you pull it all the way shuts, it locks). well, crap! now i'm screwed. i'm locked out. i have no phone, no shoes, and no upper body undergarments (if you know what i mean) and justin is out of town. luckily, the next door neighbors were having a garage sale so they were up and around. i walked over there in my pajamas (t-shirt and green and white polka dot shorts) with my arms crossed. "hi! i'm your new neighbor and i just locked myself out. can i borrow your phone?" so embarrassing!! i called justin (pretty much the only number i know by heart) and woke him up.

A: i locked myself out.
J: are you kidding me?
A: i need you to call erich.
J: what's erich going to do?
A: i dont' know-help me! at least he's in town.

well, after multiple calls back and forth, a horrifyingly long time waiting at the neighbors and $60 later, a locksmith let me back in. later that morning erich did come over and fix the locking mechanism so it can't happen again. lesson learned, right? wrong!

a few days later, justin changed our front door locks. all 4 doors to our house have different keys, so we're in the process of getting them all changed to the same one with new pretty door handles. anyway, i came home and my key would NOT turn the lock. justin was at a rehearsal and i was trying to hurry and get ready for a birthday party. the key that had the same name as the lock would absolutely not work. i called justin and he said to try all my other keys. now why would a key with a different brand name work in our new lock? pure irony. the key with the same brand name on it is actually the key to my parents house and the other key worked in the lock. saved!...or not. i rushed around to get ready and go pick up justin. as i locked the handle, closed the door and looked in my purse for my keys, i realized they were in the house. luckily i was fully clothed and had my cell phone on me. i called justin and he was able to come pick me up. we were a little late to the party and hopefully this time i really did learn my lesson!


Marie said...

poor anna! I'm sorry!

Laura said...

I locked myself out one day after an evening jog. The key fell out of my arm band and I searched everywhere for it. Matt was working the evening shift and didn't get home til 11:30 pm or so. My poor dog and I sat on our back deck for about 4 hours. I think he was more freaked out than i was! Now I hide a key outside the house so it doesn't happen again. :)

Ashley said...

Girl, I've done that more times than I care ot admit! Quick way to get to know your neighbors...