Tuesday, June 30, 2009


sorry i haven't blogged in SO long! i was planning on blogging a long time ago about our anniversary trip to memphis, but justin deleted the pictures off the camera after he loaded them onto his computer, so i couldn't load them at work. and then i wanted to post about justin playing at CMA fest with Whitney and Sara in the same afternoon and how he had to literally run from one stage to the other in 90 degree heat to make it to both shows, but i forgot the camera. i don't like to post without pictures. now, thanks to our awesome iphones, we can use them to power our internet at home.

ANYWAY...big news...WE'RE HOMEOWNERS!! that's right, we bought a house. we moved in last weekend. our wonderful friends helped us move all of our stuff in under 2 hours! quickest move EVER. pictures to come.

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AnneR said...

House buying and moving IS crazy, Anna! Glad it went quickly and smoothly and we are all sitting on pins and needles waiting for pictures. But we will still love you without pictures, you have to know that! I'm going to go visit the pictures you posted of the house and pretend I'm visiting!