Sunday, March 23, 2008

let it snow!

Well this is pretty late in coming, but I thought I'd share anyway. It actually snowed in Nashville a significant amount a little while ago. 4 whole inches! :) I know you Kansasans are thinking that's nothing, but if it even looks like it MAY snow they cancel school and everything else here. So for it to actually come down and stick for a while is a big deal. Justin missed it because he was in Virginia (I think) and I was still hobbling around so I didn't get to play in it but Riley had fun playing in it and sticking her nose down in the fluff. It didn't stay around for long, but it was fun while it lasted. These are some pictures out our kitchen windows and in the back yard.

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Anne said...

I love snow pictures - regardless of what time of the year it is! I bet Riley had a blast! Our pups LOVE the snow. I hope you're feeling better and I know we need to catch up - busy girls should never be friends (just kidding). I know that I wrote you a letter or note, but I am unsure of whether or not I sent it! AnneR