Friday, March 21, 2008

i'm back

so i haven't posted in quite some time. it was a grueling week or two. after/during the whole foot fiasco i got the flu! i think i got it from the ER-stupid sick people! :) so while i was laid up at home i was feeling pretty rotten. i was off work for a week.

my worst night and day was wednesday. i pretty much got out of bed a total of 3 times before heading right back under the covers. for some completely insane reason i decided i needed to make brownies that night. justin was super busy that week and was out playing a gig. i pulled a chair up to the counter so i could sit while i mixed them up. i leaned my crutches up against the counter and sat down. all of a sudden my crutches start to slowly slide down the counter top away from me. i couldn't do anything to stop them and as they fell they took 3 clean glasses on the counter top with them. glass everywhere!! i lost it. i was just at the end of my rope. i felt terrible, i couldn't walk and now there was glass everywhere that i couldn't clean up. i called justin crying, saying, i need he-elp! he came home between gigs to clean up my mess and ended up being late to his second gig. he was great!

anyway, that was a rough week. but i'm walking normally now and my foot only hurts sometimes at the end of the day. i'm going to try to run this weekend and see how i do. it could be interesting! :)

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