Sunday, May 13, 2007


Last weekend Justin and I were both in Kansas. Justin was playing with Jamie Fox and I was visiting family. We didn't actually get to see each other except for a few hours at the scary ghetto car show that Jamie played at, before Mom and Dad took me back to the airport.

Well I decided it would be fun to surprise everyone and not tell them I was coming. It was Dakota's 2nd birthday on the 5th and I had them all thinking I wouldn't be able to come. I surprised Adam, Abbe` and Aaron on Friday night, Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday morning and everyone else at Dakota's party on Saturday afternoon. It was so fun to see the expressions on everyone's faces when they saw me. I was also able to see Ben and Kristin Duell for a while on Saturday night and get all caught up with them. That weekend was the weekend with all the storms and even though there weren't any tornados near KC, my flight was delayed over an hour and I didn't get home and in bed til after 1:00am. Needless to say, Monday at work was a long day.

It was great for Justin to be able to play in Kansas too. He got to see his family and they were able to see him play for the first time since we've moved. He's had such a busy schedule lately. First he played the weekend in Alabama with Jamie, then he left for a week long cruise with Sonicflood. He got back from the cruise at 2:30 and I picked him up, then he dropped me right back off at 4:00 for my flight to Kansas. As soon as he got his bags, which were much later coming than he had hoped, he left for Kansas with Jamie and the band. 5 people in a Kia Sportage was probably not the most comfortable ride they've ever had. They played 2 shows in KC on Saturday night, And 2 in Wichita on Sunday. On the way back to Nashville Jamie dropped Justin off in KC and he was picked up and driven to Lake of the Ozarks for a week long recording session. His flight got in from that at 7:30 on Friday and the bus call for Sonicflood's Chicago gig this weekend was at 11:00. He's been a traveler for sure! I got to go with him this weekend to Chicago and it was really fun. (more on that in another post)

Anway, here's some pictures from Dakota's party. We had lots of fun!!

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We got him a Vandy shirt and hat. Gotta support the work place! :)

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Little cheese ball modeling his new hat.

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He loves his firetruck from Aunt Bobo (Molly) and Uncle Austin

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Best friends playing with the firetruck

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Isn't Abbe` beautiful!?

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Mom and Uncle Kevin, pretty dang good picture if I do say so myself.

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welcome to the blogging world...cannot wait to hear of the ostrander happenings!