Wednesday, May 30, 2007

let's paint!

Well, when Justin travels, I paint! He was in California last week and I decided to do a little project. My friend Rana had the great idea to paint the area around the window seat green. And so while Justin was away, I started to play (if you want to call painting play)! Rana came over and helped me put the primer and two coats of paint on the walls and ceiling. Let me just tell you painting a ceiling is not fun!
Side rant: I explained to the paint guy at home depot what I was doing and that I was painting a fairly dark green over a khaki. Well he said I should prime it first because I was painting dark over light, and so the lighter color wouldn't show through I should prime it so I would only have to paint the green once. He assured me that with the grey tinter primer, I could get only 2 quarts of green instead of a whole gallon and in the process save both time and moneyh. WELL... first of all, the primer ended up being a lighter color than what was already on the wall. We had to do 2 coats of the green and I had to go back and get more paint and I wasted time AND money! Argh. I saw the same guy when I went back to get more paint and he was so nice and apologetic I coulen't be mad.

Anyways...I think it turned out great. Thanks Rana!!

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Michele T said...

looks good! we're excited to see you guys next week. hope we're not interrupting your lives too much :). talk to you soon! (i wish we could bring sophie & scout, but that would make things ever so complicated!)

californiameaghan said...

nice bench!!!