Monday, June 13, 2011

Say what??

Ok, so this will probably be old news to those of you who have had babies before, but this is a new experience for me so let me vent/share. I am ever amazed at the things people will ask you or inform you about your pregnancy. Let me give you a sample with my inner thoughts included. Most of these came from people at work.

So how much weight have you gained? ( is that any of your business?)

Your boobs are gonna get HUGE!! (Thaaaaaanks, just what I want to hear.)

You're getting fat! (Yeah, it's called growing a human.)

I never see you eat, how come you never eat? (Well, considering you don't see me every waking minute, you probably don't. Would you like me to keep a running tab and email you daily?)

Asked 500 bazillion times a day: How do you feel? (FINE!!! Ugh, stop asking.)

Same guy every time I see him in the break room: Bet you're ready to have that baby huh? (Bout the same as last time I saw you...yesterday. If I see him in there, I usually walk on by now.)

So what are you having?
A boy.
Is that a good thing? (How is a healthy baby a bad thing? Seriously?)

Ok, that's all for now. I'll leave you with a preggo pic. Just and I went out for our 6!! year anniversary and I had him take a pic.


Leah said...

Haha! Yes, and when the baby comes you'll get a whole new set of comments/advice - just smile and nod, smile and nod... :)

Jaime said...

Yeah, just wait until you are about ready to have the baby. I seriously quit answering my phone around the time Noah was born because I was SOOOOOO sick of questions. Most people just wanted to know "when is the baby going to be born?" but they would ask it in subtle ways like "any new pains?". It will drive you totally crazy! :) Enjoy!

Marie said...

LOL! My least favorite comment was "Awww is it your first?" in that condescending tone.

Or there's "Are you excited?!" I hated that one too.

My least favorite comment now that he's born is when people ask Addison or Ainsley "Do you like your new brother?" Addison looks at them like they have just asked her the dumbest question in the world.

One thing is certain and it's that you look beautiful Anna!

AnneR said...

I'm betting you are handling these comments with grace, but a short google search could probably give you some replies that would take care of the commenters. Not that I advocate snarkiness - I would never!

Will be sorry to miss you today, but in happier news, I'm working on a little something for BBO that will be a lot of fun.